Elephant song

Hello everybody!

 We want to show you one of our favourite songs, The Elephant song. We hope you like it.


¡Hola a todos!

Queremos enseñaros una de nuestras canciones favoritas: La canción del elefante. Esperamos que os guste.



11 Responses to Elephant song

  1. Luisa María Tomasoni dice:

    I love this song a lot.

  2. Natalia Martinez dice:

    Hello teacher, I was thinking that you can put the ly-

    See you tomorrow.

  3. Andrei Chirea dice:

    I like the monkey swimming in the sea.

    Good bye.

  4. Daphne Gonzalez Shellborn dice:

    Hello, I’m Daphne. I loved the elephant song, it was very funny!! The guy didn’t know anything about animals.

  5. Miriam dice:

    I love this song.

  6. Cristina Radu dice:

    I like this song a lot.
    Bye bye.

  7. Alejandra dice:

    The song of the elephant is very funny and beautiful.

  8. jorge m dice:

    I like this song, it’s the best song in the blog.

  9. natalia martinez dice:

    Teacher I love the song.

    See you tomarrow.

  10. Silvia dice:

    the boy that sings is stupid but the girl is very inteligent. I love this song. bye,bye teacher I see you tomorrow. And thanks teachers for this song.

  11. Maria Cruz dice:

    My sister and I love this song. We saw it a lot of times.
    Good night to everybody in the class 3º B and god night teacher. See you tomorrow.


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