Gruffalo’s activities

Hi, children, I know you love Gruffalo story and I am sure you are going to enjoy with this wonderful song. I hope you like it.

Mª José


 Hola niños, sé que os encanta la historia del Gruffalo y estoy segura de que váis a disfrutar mucho con esta maravillosa canción. Espero que os guste.  

 And now,there is a game I am sure you are going to enjoy. Click on the link below and have fun!!

Ahora, un juego que estoy segura os va a encantar, pincha en el link de  arriba y diviértete!!


A game to practice your memory abilities. Pick a pair. I’m sure you can do it very, very well… Click on the link below.

Un juego para practicar tu memoria. Elige un par. Estoy segura de que lo puedes hacer muy, muy bien. Pincha en el link de arriba.


If you want to compare two pictures have a look at this. Can you spot the five differences between them?

Si quieres comparar dibujos, échale un vistazo a esto. ¿Puedes encontrar cinco diferencias entre ellos?


23 Responses to Gruffalo’s activities

  1. angel dice:

    I played and I only got only 24 mice


  2. Angel dice:

    I like the game number 2 a lot because I never win.

  3. Cristina Radu dice:

    I like the gruffalo.

  4. Andrei Chirea dice:

    Hello teacher,

    I like very much the Spot Mouse game. My mother loves it too.

    Bye bye

  5. Hello teacher, we are Regina and Malena we like gruffallo´s games a lot, A lot of kisses.
    Bye bye.
    Regina and Malena

  6. natalia martinez dice:

    Hello teacher, I spot 22 mice.



  7. Cristina Radu dice:

    I like the GRUFFALO’S games.

  8. Hello teacher, I’m Stefania. I like a lot the gruffalo song, it’s very fat and his teeth are very long. Bye bye teacher kisses. Stefania.

  9. Irene dice:

    The gruffalo is very fat.

  10. Alejandra dice:

    Hello, my name is Alejandra. I’m 8 years old, and you? I love the song of “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly, I don’t know why she swallowed a fly”

  11. Cristian Del Fresno dice:

    I like the games of the Grufalo.

    Cristian Del Fresno

  12. HELEN dice:

    Hello teacher,
    the gruffalo is very funny, I love him very much
    I like the games and I spot all the mice


  13. Natalia martinez dice:

    Hello teacher I played with the new game.
    I think that you put it very late.

    See you on Monday.

  14. Yadira dice:

    Hello teacher the gruffalo is incredible, I like it a lot
    It’s perfect but I like it more when you read it for the classroom.
    Bye bye teacher,Yadira.

  15. HELEN dice:

    hello teacher
    I love this song of the gruffalo, it’s incredible.
    I love very much the games and I play every day with the games it’s very funny.


  16. Alvaro dice:

    hello teacher I am Alvaro I only spot 4 mice and the grufalo music is amazing and they have needed 11 tries

  17. maria dice:

    I like very much the gruffalo because it’s very funny and the games, I like them bye bye .maria

  18. Madelina dice:

    Hello teacher I am madelina and I like very much the gruffalo song bye bye madelina

  19. jorge m dice:

    I like the gruffalo but not the other animals


  21. natalia martinez dice:

    Hello teacher I spot 19 mice.

    See you.

  22. hello teacher we are malena and regina we love the new story of the gruffalo we like playing the games of the graffalo


    regina and malena

  23. ary dice:

    teacher the gruffalo is incredible!
    I like it very much

    bye bye. ary


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