Provincias de España

Aquí tenéis un juego para repasar las provincias de España. ¡A ver cuántas acertáis!


2 Responses to Provincias de España

  1. Patricia 4B dice:

    Hello, I like this game. When I played this game all the time, I was right with all the provinces. I´m learning a lot I´m ready and prepared for the exam.
    Have a good time.Bye bye Blanca, bye bye to the other teachers.

  2. Patricia 4B dice:

    Hello I like this game a lot because I learn a lot about the communities in Spain. I played a lot and my father played too but it was my mother who helped me and thank you for putting this game in the blog. Have a good day and also a good Valentin’s day. I’m very happy with this game. Bye,bye Blanca and bye,bye to the other teacher.


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