Before, does, great, some and think

Here you have the words of this group. Write your examples.

Aquí tenéis las palabras de este grupo. Escribid vuestros ejemplos.


44 respuestas a Before, does, great, some and think

  1. Claudia Jimenez Aranda 3rdA dice:

    Does my great brother watch some television before having lunch but he thinks that he wants to go to a cinema?

  2. ionut 3B dice:

    Before I go fishing with my dad I think to do some great beaits.

  3. Teodora 3A dice:

    Before lunch I think that I need to ate some great salad with my cousin.

  4. I think it is great that Raúl does his homework before playing football and he drinks some orange juice.

  5. Elisabeta Boga 3rd B dice:

    Before I go to the mountain with my mother I think she does some great gloves with wool.

  6. Ana Caballero Martin 3ºB dice:

    BEFORE she DOES her GREAT and THINK homework, Blanca eats SOME pizza and chips.

  7. Sorina 3B dice:

    Before I play with my sister I eat some pizza and my brother does pasta.

  8. Bianca Pintilei 3B dice:

    I don’t think she does her homework before sleeping and I’m very angry.

  9. Carlos Mircea 3ºA dice:

    Does he want to think on some great decoration before it is my birthday?

  10. Elisabeta Boga 3rd B dice:

    Before I go with my sister to badminton I think she does some great sentences.

  11. Abel Raul 3A dice:

    Some of them eat before playing

  12. Lucia Feria Murillo 3rdb dice:

    I eat some nugets before playing with my brother and my sister.

  13. Andy 3A dice:

    Before doing the dancing class I think and do some great pasta.

  14. Marta Raveglia Dorta dice:

    Before doing my great homework I think of doing some lasagna.

  15. Ionut 3B dice:

    Before I think of doing some great things.

  16. Ionut 3B dice:

    I think some great friends do their homework before playing like me.

  17. What does Raúl do before a great football game? He drinks some water.

  18. alejandra 4a dice:

    Before I do my homework, I study for the science exam to pass it .

  19. Does my dad want to play with me before he does his great work and he eats some pasta? And he thinks a little bit.

  20. Bianca Pintilei 3B dice:

    He does a great job going to the zoo before going to the supermarket to buy some vegetables.

  21. Bianca Pintilei 3B dice:

    She does a great job running some kilometers in the race.

  22. Before lunch my mother gets ready for the camping and she does the house work.

  23. Before lunch I do the house work and I play with my great friend.

  24. Where does my cat go before eating some great cookies?

  25. Does my sister go to a great lunch with some of her friends before doing her homework?

  26. Claudia Cerezo 3B dice:

    Before lunch my grandfather does some cheese with milk, it is a great cheese!

  27. Raul Garcia dice:

    Before my sister does some great games she reads a book.

  28. Ruben Garcia dice:

    Before my mother does a great portrait she eats some bananas.

  29. Elisabeta Boga 3º B dice:

    Before my friend goes with his father to the cinema he does his homework and he eats some chips.

  30. Eva Fernandez 3ºA dice:

    Does my mother go to the park before she buys some great sandwiches?

  31. Elisabeta Boga 3º B dice:

    Before my aunt does her work, she eats some toast with milk.

  32. María Ortega 3ºB dice:

    Before some chidren go to school they do a great breakfast.

  33. ANDRADA 3_B dice:

    BEFORE doing my homework I have SOME GREAT maccaroni.

  34. Claudia Cerezo 3ºB dice:

    My mother takes some macarroni before she does her great work.

  35. Does my father eat some pasta before his great work?

  36. CLAUDIA CEREZO 3B dice:

    Does my mother want to go to a great restaurant to eat some soup before sleeping?

  37. Marta Gárgoles Leo 3A dice:

    Does my mom go to supermarket to buy some tomate with
    her great friend before lunch ?

  38. luisa tmassoni muñoz dice:

    Before I play with my computer I do my homework.

  39. luisa tmassoni muñoz dice:

    He does her swimming lesson before lunch.

  40. Raul Alonso dice:

    What does Raúl do before going to school?

  41. Carlos Mircea 3ºa dice:

    Does my mother want a great party before Valentine’s day?

  42. ANDRADA 3_B dice:

    Before I do my homework I play with my sisters.


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