Before, does, great, some and think

Here you have the words of this group. Write your examples.

Aquí tenéis las palabras de este grupo. Escribid vuestros ejemplos.


44 Responses to Before, does, great, some and think

  1. Claudia Jimenez Aranda 3rdA dice:

    Does my great brother watch some television before having lunch but he thinks that he wants to go to a cinema?

  2. ionut 3B dice:

    Before I go fishing with my dad I think to do some great beaits.

  3. Teodora 3A dice:

    Before lunch I think that I need to ate some great salad with my cousin.

  4. I think it is great that Raúl does his homework before playing football and he drinks some orange juice.

  5. Elisabeta Boga 3rd B dice:

    Before I go to the mountain with my mother I think she does some great gloves with wool.

  6. Ana Caballero Martin 3ºB dice:

    BEFORE she DOES her GREAT and THINK homework, Blanca eats SOME pizza and chips.

  7. Sorina 3B dice:

    Before I play with my sister I eat some pizza and my brother does pasta.

  8. Bianca Pintilei 3B dice:

    I don’t think she does her homework before sleeping and I’m very angry.

  9. Carlos Mircea 3ºA dice:

    Does he want to think on some great decoration before it is my birthday?

  10. Elisabeta Boga 3rd B dice:

    Before I go with my sister to badminton I think she does some great sentences.

  11. Abel Raul 3A dice:

    Some of them eat before playing

  12. Lucia Feria Murillo 3rdb dice:

    I eat some nugets before playing with my brother and my sister.

  13. Andy 3A dice:

    Before doing the dancing class I think and do some great pasta.

  14. Marta Raveglia Dorta dice:

    Before doing my great homework I think of doing some lasagna.

  15. Ionut 3B dice:

    Before I think of doing some great things.

  16. Ionut 3B dice:

    I think some great friends do their homework before playing like me.

  17. What does Raúl do before a great football game? He drinks some water.

  18. alejandra 4a dice:

    Before I do my homework, I study for the science exam to pass it .

  19. Does my dad want to play with me before he does his great work and he eats some pasta? And he thinks a little bit.

  20. Bianca Pintilei 3B dice:

    He does a great job going to the zoo before going to the supermarket to buy some vegetables.

  21. Bianca Pintilei 3B dice:

    She does a great job running some kilometers in the race.

  22. Before lunch my mother gets ready for the camping and she does the house work.

  23. Before lunch I do the house work and I play with my great friend.

  24. Where does my cat go before eating some great cookies?

  25. Does my sister go to a great lunch with some of her friends before doing her homework?

  26. Claudia Cerezo 3B dice:

    Before lunch my grandfather does some cheese with milk, it is a great cheese!

  27. Raul Garcia dice:

    Before my sister does some great games she reads a book.

  28. Ruben Garcia dice:

    Before my mother does a great portrait she eats some bananas.

  29. Elisabeta Boga 3º B dice:

    Before my friend goes with his father to the cinema he does his homework and he eats some chips.

  30. Eva Fernandez 3ºA dice:

    Does my mother go to the park before she buys some great sandwiches?

  31. Elisabeta Boga 3º B dice:

    Before my aunt does her work, she eats some toast with milk.

  32. María Ortega 3ºB dice:

    Before some chidren go to school they do a great breakfast.

  33. ANDRADA 3_B dice:

    BEFORE doing my homework I have SOME GREAT maccaroni.

  34. Claudia Cerezo 3ºB dice:

    My mother takes some macarroni before she does her great work.

  35. Does my father eat some pasta before his great work?

  36. CLAUDIA CEREZO 3B dice:

    Does my mother want to go to a great restaurant to eat some soup before sleeping?

  37. Marta Gárgoles Leo 3A dice:

    Does my mom go to supermarket to buy some tomate with
    her great friend before lunch ?

  38. luisa tmassoni muñoz dice:

    Before I play with my computer I do my homework.

  39. luisa tmassoni muñoz dice:

    He does her swimming lesson before lunch.

  40. Raul Alonso dice:

    What does Raúl do before going to school?

  41. Carlos Mircea 3ºa dice:

    Does my mother want a great party before Valentine’s day?

  42. ANDRADA 3_B dice:

    Before I do my homework I play with my sisters.


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