Speaking week

This year we have celebrated a speaking week at school. We have done several funny activities. We have been shopping, we have gone to the supermarket, to the toy shop, to the restaurant. We have even been to the doctors’ when we were sick. We had some money to spend, it was great. At the restaurant we could order our meal to the waiter and we could also buy wonderful sandwiches! We also had an art gallery where the pupils from p 5 explained us the paintings that were hanging on the wall. They all knew a lot about art and we learnt  about famous pictures and painters. The children from p 3 & 4 were the journalists and they asked questions to everybody at school! They even filmed the children. It was really funny. We have made  funny and different activiities and we have enjoyed it so much…

Est año hemos celebrado la “Speaking Week” en el colegio. Hemos hecho diferentes actividades muy divertidas. Hemos ido de compras, al super, a la tienda de juguetes y al restaurante. Hasta hemos ido al doctor cuando estabamos malos. Teniamos algo de dinero para gastar,  ¡fue genial! En el restaurante podíamos pedir la comida al camarero y podíamos comprar también sándwiches buenísimos. Teniamos también una galería de arte donde los alumnos de 5º nos explicaban los cuadros que estaban colgadops de la pared. Todos ellos sabían mucho sobre arte y aprendimos sobre cuadros y pintores famosos. Los alumnos de tercero y cuarto de primaria eran periodistas e ¡hicieron preguntas a todo el mundo! Incluso grabaron a los niños! Fue muy divertido. hicimos actividades divertidas y diferentes y lo hemos disfrutado mucho.


8 Responses to Speaking week

  1. María jose escalante 6A dice:

    This video is fantasic!

  2. valentin dice:

    Teacher,I love this video , I like it!!

  3. Patricia Natalia Ene dice:

    I like this video.It is very funny.
    I hope the next year we are going to do another speaking week.
    Bye, bye.

  4. Bianca Patricia Pintilei 3B dice:

    Teacher, I love your video, it has so many photos…

  5. Ana of 4B dice:

    Hello teacher I love this video I like all the photos, I think this is the best video you put because that day was fantastic for me and I think that also for all the class. Bye bye, Ana.

  6. Amina dice:

    Teacher,this video is very beautiful.

  7. Dani dice:

    Teacher, this video is very beautiful!

  8. Maria Ángeles dice:

    Teacher, I love this video.


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