The Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and…, other Sectors?

Hi 5th graders!

Last Friday, we talked about the different jobs that can be found in the Tertiary Sector. Some of you asked in which Sector some jobs could be classified. Some of them did not seem to fit in any of the three sectors. Here, you can find some information about Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and… Quaternary Sector (which does not appear in your book):

  • “The quaternary sector of industry is the sector of industry that involves the intellectual services. It was once considered just a subset of the general service-oriented tertiary sector of industry. This includes the high tech industry, with information technology and some forms of scientific research, as well as education and consulting, and information industry.”

Taken from

Although we studied the Primary and Secondary Sectors in the previous Unit, I have found some interesting websites with information about all the Sectors.–tertiary-sectors



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